Yoga Studio Caulfield

Are you looking to take a journey of the self, through the self, to the self with our enriching yoga classes? Then Updog Yoga’s state of the art yoga studio in Balaclava is the right place for students from Caulfield and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to kickstart your new found love for yoga or refine your existing skills, our yoga studio has classes that are suitable for everyone from Caulfield and throughout Melbourne. Our experienced yoga teachers at our yoga studio lead a range of classes that include Alignment Flow, YIN as well as Vinyasa Flow that are specifically designed to provide you with the health benefits that your mind, body and spirit deserve.

As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, we bring students throughout Caulfield and Melbourne the highest levels of satisfaction and positive experience right here at our fully optimised yoga studio. Our classes are run at varying temperatures to compliment the meditative movements that all class members from Caulfield and surrounding areas at our yoga studio engage in.

With the continual guidance and support from our industry leading yoga teachers that are well known within their respective fields, your time at our yoga studio is sure to be fulfilling while improving your muscle and core strength, as well as improving bone health, prevention of cartilage and joint wear as well as boosting your immunity. Contact the Updog Yoga crew if you are in Caulfield and looking for more information about our premium classes and memberships or passes.

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The Updog Method

A typical class is a guided meditative movement class. Often incorporating a theme, breath work, sound and yoga philosophy. Presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand through clear and guided verbal and/or visual cues along with hands on adjustments where needed to correct and/or guide students deeper into physical practice.