Yoga Caulfield

Our state of the art yoga studio is fully optimised to bring students from Caulfield and surrounding areas maximum benefits during each of your classes. Updog Yoga’s classes held at our yoga studio in Balaclava is a popular choice when it comes to finding harmony with your surroundings. If you are in Caulfield and are looking to increase your levels of mindfulness, we assist you while you work on your existing yoga moves or learn new ones right here at our yoga studio.

With the solid and effective mentoring of our experienced yoga teachers, our students from Caulfield and throughout Melbourne will be sure to benefit in a wide range of ways at our yoga studio. Improve your core and muscle strength, blood circulation, oxygen intake through breathing exercise, joint and bone wear as well as working on ligament lengthening during your visits to our premium yoga studio. As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, Updog Yoga continually strive to bring customer satisfaction and high levels of enrichment which is reflected through our classes held at our yoga studio for all students that are from Caulfield and surrounding areas.

Keeping convenience and suitability to our students at the forefront, Updog Yoga provides a range of options when it comes to class types, as well as memberships and passes all available at equitable prices. Make the most of the meditative movements that are closely guided as all our classes at our yoga studio are always closely supervised for maximum benefit. Choose quality yoga classes, choose Updog Yoga’s yoga studio that is suitable for all students from Caulfield and throughout Melbourne today.

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The Updog Method

A typical class is a guided meditative movement class. Often incorporating a theme, breath work, sound and yoga philosophy. Presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand through clear and guided verbal and/or visual cues along with hands on adjustments where needed to correct and/or guide students deeper into physical practice.