UpDog Yoga Workshops

Journey to the Self: Cycles of transformation

About Joey

Joey is the founder of UpDog Yoga. His experience teaching yoga spans 12 years full time. Joey's passion for sharing the practices in a diverse range of settings includes - teacher training, retreats, corporate, and private as well as a variety of workshops and events.

About Kaela

Kaela is a passionate yoga teacher, singing teacher and Human Design guide. She loves sharing the deeper aspects of our yoga practice, guiding others to slowly peel back the layers that lead to the heart of the Self.

4 hours of Bliss...

We will begin our journey together with an opening circle to introduce the theme and topic of the day from both Eastern and Western approaches. During this time we will also set our intention, both your intention as individuals, and our collective intention for the day as well.

What can you expect to be included on the day?

-A fully themed and intentioned flow practice (suitable for all levels)
-Opening Circle
-Closing Circle
-Journaling (optional)
-Premium Doterra Essential Oils
-Expert hands on adjustments
-Delicious vegan treats
-Support and guidance every step of the way

You will be surrounded and supported by a group of like minded people who, just like you, seek not only the understanding and learning, but the shared community experience.

Early bird rate of $95
expires 30 July
$120 thereafter

Sound Healing

Friday 12th August, 6.30-8pm

Allow Stephanie, a classically trained opera singer and sound healer, to guide you into a deeply relaxing and meditative experience using the healing power of sound.
During this celestial Sound Healing you will be immersed in a live and intuitive soundscape that will allow you to re-connect with your inner wisdom.

Friday 12th August, 6.30-8pm

4-week Posture Clinic

20th Sep - 11th Oct, 16:30 - 18:00

Are you feeling frustrated from persistent aches or injury?
Curious about why you’re struggling to progress your posture practice?
Are you ready to take the steps to deepen your understanding of your body’s natural movement patterns?

This may be just the thing for you moving forward. I have developed a structured program to provide you with detailed steps to deepen your understanding of how to safely approach the way that you practice not only Yoga Asana but expand your awareness of your body’s tendencies, so you can self-correct and adjust/re-align.

  • 4 consecutive Weeks x  90 minute sessions
  • Learn in a safe, inclusive, beginner friendly setting.
  • No Fluff. Just simple, Clear Guidance.

Each session will look at a different area of the body starting from the ground up. We will cover technique through quick, super informative, easy to follow lectures, followed by demonstration and practice.
You will be surrounded and supported by a group who just like you seek not only the understanding but the shared community experience.

Are you ready? Lets do it!

4 consecutive Tuesdays

20th Sep - 11th Oct, 16:30 - 18:00

"If you are always trying to be NORMAL, you will never know how AMAZING you can be."

Maya Angelou

  • Justin Bourke
    UpDog is an Amazing studio. The space is just perfect for building the right energy in the room. Joey and his instructors have all strong practices and are all so inspiring. Updon going to you r first class her you know you have arrived at the right place for your yoga journey.
    Justin Bourke
  • Andrew Boocock
    Joey and the team at UpDog have created an environment which is the ideal retreat form busy inner city life. The classes are always thoughtfully curated with thought provoking intentions. The studio also has a great range of yoga styles. I personally enjoy the flowing vinyasa classes with an evening yin session as a treat.
    Andrew Boocock
  • Dominic Murray-Flume
    Joey runs a fantastic studio here. Each of the teachers offer their own unique experience which allows me to manage daily yoga sessions depending on how my body is feeling. The space itself is beautiful and the community is welcoming. Very much recommend anyone who’s new or experienced to give it a try.
    Dominic Murray-Flume
  • Cornelia Truemper
    Joey and the community of UpDog Yoga is the most loving and caring I could find in Melbourne when I moved here 2.5 years ago. The studio is wonderful, bright and clean and has all you need when joining a new happy space. Honest and well experienced teachers guiding you through classes.
    Cornelia Truemper
  • Nicky Grimsdale
    Joey Myers is a modern day master. The environment he creates in a yoga class is truly magical. He is easily my favourite teacher in Australia. His wisdom and method of teaching has provided me such a clear insight to the practice for which I am forever grateful. An irreplaceable teacher.
    Nicky Grimsdale
  • Amanda O’Dwyer
    “Thank you for leading our group in the mentoring course. I found it really informative, inspiring and motivating. Just what I needed to find my passion for yoga again. To get re-motivated and re-dedicated to the practice. I am enjoying surrounding myself with like minded people and loving the community you have created. I feel one of the positives from the course was the numerous resources I have now to read, listen to and watch. Really looking forward to doing some study myself at home.”
    Amanda O’Dwyer
  • Claire Baradshaw
    “I really enjoyed it, it was a great refresher and good to dive back into some of these subjects. I particularly enjoyed the self discovery work, discussing yoga philosophy again. I gained a lot from the hands on adjustments and key postures clinics as they were practical, group oriented and I left with some new skills to try out in class.”
    Claire Baradshaw