UpDog Yoga Workshops

Updog Yoga offers a variety of workshops

"If you are always trying to be NORMAL, you will never know how AMAZING you can be."

Maya Angelou

Feedback from some of our other workshops

“I really enjoyed it, it was a great refresher and good to dive back into some of these subjects. I particularly enjoyed the self discovery work, discussing yoga philosophy again. I gained a lot from the hands on adjustments and key postures clinics as they were practical, group oriented and I left with some new skills to try out in class.”
-Claire Baradshaw

“Thank you for leading our group in the mentoring course. I found it really informative, inspiring and motivating. Just what I needed to find my passion for yoga again. To get re-motivated and re-dedicated to the practice. I am enjoying surrounding myself with like minded people and loving the community you have created. I feel one of the positives from the course was the numerous resources I have now to read, listen to and watch. Really looking forward to doing some study myself at home.”
-Amanda O’Dwyer