Intro Offer

Intro Pass terms

Intro Pass Terms
This is a stand alone pass available for all new guests at UpDog.
With this pass you may practice ONCE daily.
This pass activates when you book your first class.
Refund, exchange, extension or transfer will not be issued.
Cancellation policy applies with this pass. Please view our studio terms.

Direct Debit Memberships

Class Passes

Single class pass


(Valid 6 months. No Extensions)
5 class pass


(Valid 6 months. No Extensions)
10 class pass


(Valid 6 months. No Extensions)
20 class pass


(Valid 6 months. No Extensions)


1 month


3 months


6 months


12 months


Membership Terms

Once daily practice. 3,6,12 month membership may be suspended once per quarter (3months) for up to 2 weeks.

Private Yoga

Sometimes we just feel stuck. We may require extra guidance and support. These sessions are all about you! It's where the big stuff happens. Whether you are new to yoga and seeking a personal touch to gain better understanding prior to attending public classes or a long time practitioner seeking to deepen your experience in postures such as deep backbends and/or arm balances. Our motivated, experienced and highly trained crew is honoured and grateful to serve you on your yoga journey.

Energy Exchange/Karma Yogis

Energy Exchange can include responsibilities such as cleaning and/or reception duties at the studio. In exchange, you will have an unlimited pass to all classes at any time, on any day!
This is an terrific platform to not only further develop your practice but quickly become a part of our growing community! To be accepted for this program, it’s important that you be committed to a regular practice of at least 2-3 classes a week.
For more information please email