Mentorship Program.

Have you completed a YTT and not sure how to proceed?
Are you seeking guidance from an experienced crew?

The UpDogYoga Method offers one of the most intense and transformative experiences in Melbourne for an aspiring Yoga teacher. Our program is designed to challenge and motivate individuals to walk their own path.

As a Yoga Alliance Certified trainer Joey provides 21 Continuing Education Points to those completing all attended modules

E RYT500


Course structure

Self discovery for yoga teachers is about understanding who and what we are about. During two 4 hour sessions we delve into "The Hero's Journey" (work made famous by Joseph Campbell). We also delve into "The Work" of Byron Katie which invites us to embrace the idea of "Loving What Is". Additionally we unravel the 4 common archetypes and the influence these carry over us during the many stages of our own lives and the lives of others. This is a content rich experience that will lend itself into some powerful transformative shifts in the way you perceive yourself. A terrific platform to find your voice.
Leading a room full of students is no simple task. Almost always we are presented with different shapes and forms. How do we correctly assess what is right for the group? Just what is the "correct posture" and how does is translate in the thousands of ASANAS? This workshop covers the idea of 'Blueprint spine" (our natural curvature in the spine). We also look and twists, back bends and forward folds. Tapping into BANDHAS and understanding their effects on the postures.
This is a signature workshop with truckloads of hands on adjusting time on real bodies and immediate feedback. While it is suitable for all styles of yoga teachers it will greatly empower those who teach Vinyasa to freely weave through the room and quickly navigate ways in which to connect with students using "The Art of TOUCH."
An intelligent sequence is all about leaving the body steady and the mind at ease. Learn how to incorporate the simplest strategies into putting together sequences that are not just interesting and fun but creative and liberating to your students.

Themes appear to be by far the most challenging aspect for most teachers to incorporate into a yoga class. During this workshop we explore some terrific themes that are found in Indian mythology as well modern day topics. You will discover how to creatively weave these into your classes.

Feedback from the last Mentorship program

"​Joey is a master facilitator. He truly meets people where they are at. ​Generous in sharing from the depths of his own personal experience, he also has a remarkable ability to empower participants to be able to solidify exactly the kind of teacher they want to be. Not only did he provide so many of his own practical pearls of wisdom, but he also held space with humility to enable us participants to explore our own unique​ inner ​wisdom. The sense of community that was cultivated during the mentorship program truly reflects the values I hold dear and wish to manifest in my own teaching style. Thank you UpDog (and thank you Joey) for setting me on the path towards self-discovery; a path that will only serve to create within me the most authentic teacher possible.” ​
-Monique Robin​

“Thank you for leading our group in the mentoring course. I found it really informative, inspiring and motivating. Just what I needed to find my passion for yoga again. To get re-motivated and re-dedicated to the practice. I am enjoying surrounding myself with like minded people and loving the community you have created. I feel one of the positives from the course was the numerous resources I have now to read, listen to and watch. Really looking forward to doing some study myself at home.”
-Amanda O’Dwyer